How Can I Make My Work at Home More Ergonomic

12 / 07 / 2021
COVID-19 and the resulting restrictions have made work from home become more mainstream (and in many businesses it became compulsory). Once the restrictions are completely lifted, expect many of us to stay in this setup. In addition, we want to stay productive at home whether it’s for our job,...

Do Pergolas Raise Home Value?

15 / 06 / 2021
Yes, because a pergola adds more beauty to your property and makes the supposedly idle space a functional area. Also, more and more homeowners and families now prefer having an outdoor space for special gatherings or even just during ordinary days. Do pergolas raise home value? It’s almost impossible...

What Home Improvements Add the Most Value?

12 / 05 / 2021
Landscaping and kitchen makeovers often top the list. However, there are trends that are fast catching up and might become “default” home improvements in the future. Home improvements that add great value For example, it’s becoming more and more common now to transform a dwelling into a smart home....

Smart Home Renovations Improve Accessibility and Convenience In The Home

15 / 04 / 2021
When renovating, most often, the things that come to mind include a new kitchen, bathroom, patio or pergola. However, there are also a range of smaller upgrades you can implement at your property to improve the home’s ‘smart rating’. Smart technology enables easy interactions with often unergonomic household gadgets...

What Features Make a Building Sustainable?

16 / 03 / 2021
For saving energy and minimising environmental impact, modern buildings should be designed, built and operated in non-toxic, ethical, responsible and efficient ways. This is good both for the environment and economy because of the responsible and cost-effective practices. What features make a building sustainable? Whenever we hear the word...

Home Renovations Ideas That Will Lose You Money

12 / 03 / 2021
A lot of clients we see are investing in home renovation ideas with the goal of adding value to their home. However, this doesn’t always happen. Despite looking amazing, home renovations do not always produce a return on investment and features and furnishings may actually cost you more than...