Wellness Clinic Fitout: Trends, Designs, Considerations 


The skin care, beauty and wellness market is rapidly growing probably because of better self awareness, easy access to wellness products and services (wellness clinics are now everywhere) and the emerging trends about beauty and skin care. 

Because of that growing market, several entrepreneurs recently have been diving into the trend to take advantage of this opportunity (it’s estimated that women in Australia spend $3,600 on the beauty industry each year and that in total people here spend more than 2 billion dollars each year on skincare treatments). As a result, wellness clinics have been appearing here and there. This has led to the need for more wellness clinic fitouts. 

To take advantage of the opportunity and capture the market, wellness businesses should pay careful attention to the following: 

  • Skin treatment procedures (which are the most effective and the most sought after) 
  • Skills and expertise (treatments and procedures require training and education) 
  • Design, layout and overall appearance of the clinic (the place should help establish trust, calm, health and care) 

About wellness clinic fitouts 

Here let’s talk about the wellness clinic because this is important for branding and establishing a favourable first impression. 

First, all the areas, including the reception area as well as the treatment and waiting rooms, should have a consistent design and feel. Hygiene facilities should also be pleasing so that customers will know that the entire place is clean and well run. 

It’s common for wellness centres to have a white theme because this signifies cleanliness, purity and trust (which is one reason doctors wear white coats). However, be careful with adopting the white theme because the place might look more like a hospital setting. Note that in a skincare and wellness centre, the goal is to improve or enhance one’s appearance (not necessarily treat a disease. 

To achieve that and better align the area’s theme with wellness, it’s important to place some ambient or accent lighting. It’s also important to choose proper furniture and other interiors that go well with the area’s overall theme and lighting (e.g. white, black and gray furniture and upholstery and other surfaces tend to go well). 

If you want to properly choose an appropriate design for your wellness clinic, contact us today here at Archcon. Together we can come up with an optimal design that establishes trust and expertise. We can also take care of the entire fitout and ensure that the space is maximised for customer comfort and your own workflow.