What Can You Do with an Empty Office Space? 

19 / 02 / 2024
Empty office spaces represent not just unutilised physical areas but also financial burdens for businesses. Despite their lack of use, these spaces incur costs such as rent, utilities and maintenance fees, which can significantly impact a company’s bottom line.   Fortunately, with strategic thinking and a bit of creativity, businesses...

Office Design Trends for 2024 

22 / 01 / 2024
As we look at 2024 and beyond, office design trends are evolving to meet the changing needs of the modern workforce. Here are some key trends:  Hybrid Workspaces. Reflecting the shift towards flexible work arrangements, offices are increasingly incorporating hybrid models. This means creating spaces that support both in-person...

Should I Have a Separate Meeting Room in My Office? 

20 / 12 / 2023
The design and utilisation of office space have become crucial in enhancing productivity and collaboration. One question that often arises for business owners and office managers is whether to invest in a separate meeting room. Here let’s talk about the benefits of having a dedicated meeting space and the...

How Do I Brand My Office? 

20 / 11 / 2023
Creating a brand identity for your office involves a lot more than simply adding your company’s logo and colours to the walls. It also requires a deep understanding of the local setting, climate and work culture. The design and fitout of your office play a pivotal role in representing...

Planning for a Consulting Office Fitout? 

20 / 10 / 2023
For consulting companies, creating the right office environment is essential to ensure both client satisfaction and employee productivity. A well-planned office fitout can significantly impact the success of a consulting business. After all, the office should look professional for clients to trust the consulting company.  In this article, let’s...

How Do I Set Up a Minimalist Office 

19 / 09 / 2023
In these modern times when remote work and home offices have become the norm, creating a minimalist office space can help boost productivity, reduce distractions and promote a sense of calm. A minimalist office is characterised by simplicity, functionality and a clutter-free environment. In this article, we’ll provide practical...