New Office Design Trends in 2023 


Some of the office design trends this 2023 are about having open plan spaces, more natural light coming into the workplace, standing workstations and focus zones (where employees can concentrate on a highly technical or creative task). 

Designing for better collaboration, health and productivity 

Those design trends have been here for years. This year and in the next few, we can expect those trends to persist and become more widespread. 

However, those trends might only be appropriate for large offices (corporations, tech unicorns). For those with limited spaces, the priorities will be more on getting things done and saving on costs. If the business or department expands, later on these offices might adopt having an open plan or special zones. But for now, it could be more about setting a dedicated place for the staff to work. 

Still, the end goal is to promote collaboration, health and productivity in the workplace. It can be a huge challenge to achieve this given the limited space and budget. Fortunately, with some skill and creativity, this can still be accomplished while getting the most out of the fitout budget. 

For example, a strategic layout and proper choice of office furniture can help you get the most out of the available space (and avoid having a cramped space). Shared tables and appropriate workstations can help avoid crowding because you’ll need fewer furniture. Appropriately sized storage cabinets and drawers can also make a huge difference to getting the most out of the available space. 

Achieving that requires expertise and experience from the fitout contractor. With several considerations and variables at play, it’s their job to make the most out of the limited space and budget while ensuring key objectives are being met. With their experience and expertise, they can help you design a workplace that promotes collaboration, health and productivity. 

For instance, here at Archcon, we carry out office fitouts and ensure the resulting offices will be people-centric (while adhering to the set budget). We’ve been used to working with several constraints while ensuring a cost-effective and long-lasting outcome for our commercial customers.