Is It Time to Make Changes to Your Dental Clinic? 


If your dental clinic now looks dull and outdated, perhaps it’s time to have it undergo a rebuild or a refurbishment. Also, if you’re having more children or those with disabilities as patients, it might be appropriate to make your space better reflect the patients’ needs. 

Making changes to your dental clinic 

In other words, if you want your clinic to better reflect your current requirements and workflow, it’s now practical to make changes. This way, your workflow will be smoother and more importantly, your patients will be more comfortable. 

For example, if you’re seeing more and more elderly patients or those with issues in mobility, they will be more comfortable if your entire clinic addresses those issues. The changes to be made will be about making the entry and reception areas, consultation rooms and treatment rooms more accessible or have a wider walkway. This way, your patients can have an easier time moving through your clinic. 

Another example is when you’ve been seeing more children as patients and you’re starting to specialise in paediatric dentistry (or you have plans about doing so). In this case, it’s good to make your clinic look more child-friendly (having bright and warm colours and that your spaces and furniture won’t cause injuries to children). 

A patient-centric approach 

As you’ve noticed, it’s about making your workspace and the reception areas more appropriate and comfortable to patients. It’s about having a patient-centric approach to transforming your space while helping enhance your workflow. This way, you’ll be more productive and your patients will have an easier time in your clinic and office. 

If you want to make your clinic better reflect your requirements and that of your patients’, you can contact us here at Archcon. We’ll meticulously study your requirements and we’ll come up with cost-effective solutions for the project. We’ll also try to minimise the downtime so that you can immediately go back to your professional practice.