Why is Workplace Design Important?


Whether it’s a home office or in a corporate building, we should take extra time in the design and planning of the area. That’s because the work environment plays a huge role in our productivity, mood and even safety.

Why is workplace design important?

The area and environment should have a design that conforms to human comfort and safety. It’s especially the case in work areas where occupants spend at least eight hours each day or there’s a lot of movement.

Because of the potentially several movements and prolonged stay inside the workplace, a lot of things can and will happen. Aside from accidents, the potential discomfort can affect human health as well as the occupants’ mental health. The building materials and ventilation also have some effects (e.g. VOCs, poor indoor air quality). In addition, the environment can either encourage or discourage fun and innovation, which could also affect the department or business as a whole.

As a result, the priorities go beyond the workplace design and its function. We also have to think about the materials to be used and the latest standards that should be complied with. Further, the needs of the end users as well as the workflow should be heavily considered (and also the number of occupants, presence and arrangement of desks and seats). This way, the resulting design will be safe and optimal even if the occupants are staying inside the place for prolonged periods.

Thankfully, there are legislations and standards that protect occupants from harm. These standards and legislations are the result of intense research and development about human health, productivity and safety. These legislations and standards get regularly updated because there are new emerging threats and that we get better at figuring out how we can help people achieve better safety and focus.

Here at Archcon, we do building constructions and office fitouts according to the latest Australian Standards. We don’t just follow the design trends. What we do is we regularly study the standards, codes of practice and legislations relevant to workplace design and safety. Then, we apply our creativity and take advantage of our experience to meet the clients’ requirements. Contact us today here at Archcon if you want the resulting workplace to comply with the highest standards and ensure quality. For more than 10 years, our commitment has always been based on integrity.