What Home Improvements Add the Most Value?


Landscaping and kitchen makeovers often top the list. However, there are trends that are fast catching up and might become “default” home improvements in the future.

Home improvements that add great value

For example, it’s becoming more and more common now to transform a dwelling into a smart home. It can be wired or wireless as long as the air conditioners, appliances and lighting can be controlled through a smartphone and internet. Everything’s connected and they make many aspects of home living automated.

Another home improvement that adds great value is making the house more environment friendly and energy efficient (which can also be achieved by smart controls). LEDs are used for all lighting and there are solar panels installed. More and more homeowners are getting informed and becoming more aware about environmental impact as well as the rising energy costs.

There are also homeowners and prospective buyers who require or want to have a home office. They value having a dedicated space for planning and thinking (also, a work-from-home setup is fast becoming the norm). Some also want a separate space for working out (with gym equipment to stay fit). In other words, people now require a room for purposes other than sleeping.

Another trend in home improvement is having an outdoor kitchen or leisure area. Outdoor living has become popular these years because the idle outdoor space is being transformed into something useful and delightful. Another reason is that there are physical and mental health benefits about staying outdoors (e.g. fresh air, better air ventilation, less need for air conditioning, better connection with nature and the outside, more fun gatherings).

Those are just some of the home improvements that can instantly add value to your residential property. Although trends come and go, those mentioned are in line with making home living a more delightful experience every day. Also, we’re becoming more environmentally aware and we want to make smart choices that minimise our energy consumption and environmental impact.

If your home improvement ideas are in line with those priorities and trends, you can contact us here at Archcon and we will make it happen. Through the years we’ve renovated homes according to each customer’s lifestyle, preferences and changing priorities. We’ve renovated bathrooms and kitchens as well as designed and built outdoor structures for outdoor gatherings and other activities. We’re always glad to help raise each home’s function, aesthetics and value.