What Happens During a Veterinary Clinic Fitout?


Almost 70 per cent of households in Australia have a pet (percentage significantly increased since the pandemic, source: Animal Medicines Australia). Also, pet owners spend more than $3000 for each pet dog and $2000+ for each pet cat. It’s a huge and growing market which is why new veterinary clinics are expected to appear and the existing Clinics need to cater for the wellbeing tomore pets.

To provide the best medical care to pets as well as attract and retain customers, one way is to optimise the design, layout and workflow to the vet clinic.

What happens during a veterinary clinic fitout?

To transform a bare space into a modern, comfortable and functional clinic, it starts with your specific goals and requirements. For example, it’s good to have an estimate of how many pets are there in your service area (you can also instead find the number of households and assume that 70 per cent of them have pets). Also take into account the types of animals and pets you’re going to focus on. The layout and design of the clinic for birds and small mammals will be different from that of a clinic that focuses on dogs and cats.

These considerations will dictate or heavily influence the clinic’s resulting layout, design and ergonomics. As a result, before the actual fitout starts there will be an initial consultation and deep analysis of your requirements. From there, an initial design and plan will be proposed. Expect the design and its details to be modified before any construction, addition, installation or renovation work occurs. The plan should include the design, workflow and layout as well as the necessary plumbing, cabling and electrical lines and the furniture to be installed.

Once the project starts, it should be a quick and straightforward process especially if you’re working with experienced contractors and project managers. It’s possible to get it done in 4 to 8 weeks. How long it takes will depend on your requirements and the necessary modifications and installations in the place.

If you have questions about medical and clinic fitouts, contact us today here at Archcon. Let’s talk about your requirements and know how long and how much it will take to complete your project.