What Do I Need to Set Up a Home Office


The recent lockdowns and health risks forced many of us to stay and work at home. It was an emergency measure which has the possibility of becoming permanent for many workers and businesses (more and more companies and managers embrace or are now becoming more open to remote work). As a result, many professionals now decide to have a dedicated home office that will allow them to still get things done at work.

What do I need to set up a home office

First, it should be a separate and dedicated space for work. It’s important to have a single space for work and a separate area for leisure and sleeping. This way, our minds can better focus on the task at hand (it’s just difficult to focus on a mentally taxing task if bed is nearby). It’s also a way of imitating our previous routine of going to the workplace in the morning. Our minds and bodies become primed in anticipating work and new challenges. Also, it’s still important to somehow keep the line separate between home life and work.

Having this separate and dedicated workspace will require home renovations and other modifications. It’s similar to office fit outs where the area is being designed and built for workflow and productivity. Everything should be in the right place and the layout should best reflect the workflow and requirements of the end users.

Even if restrictions are lifted and things get back to normal, a properly designed and built home office will remain a valuable space for you to focus and become productive. Perhaps it will become a comfortable area for planning your finances and future. It’s also possible that work-from-home will remain (perhaps only two or more days at the office far away). This is for the long term, which is why it’s crucial to get things right from the start.

It’s about imitating what you were doing before the pandemic and restrictions happened. A dedicated area for work plus the essentials for getting things done (computer, internet connection, phone, chairs, desks, lighting, good ventilation and air conditioning) will allow you to remain productive. That dedicated space should be deliberately designed and planned so that you can get the most out of it for the years to come.

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