Smart Home Renovations Improve Accessibility and Convenience In The Home


When renovating, most often, the things that come to mind include a new kitchen, bathroom, patio or pergola. However, there are also a range of smaller upgrades you can implement at your property to improve the home’s ‘smart rating’. Smart technology enables easy interactions with often unergonomic household gadgets and can therefore improve the accessibility of your house. Smart home renovations may also reduce your carbon footprint which is a huge selling point when it comes to move to a new property. We have put together the following list of five smart home renovations that will make your life easier and may increase the value of your house.

  1. USB Ports

Installing inbuilt USB ports on top of your existing power outlets has become so common it is almost a necessity. With these innovative smart home renovations to your domestic power supply, you don’t need to worry about losing your charger anymore. Simply plug and play and enjoy the convenience factor. There is no need for bulky chargers that get traipsed across the house when you install inbuilt USB ports. Just make sure that the power supply is enough to charge your largest devices.

  1. Automatic Garage Door Opener

This particular home renovation idea improves your home security as well as the time it takes to exit and enter the garage. By installing a sensor in your vehicle and another sensor in the garage, you can enjoy an automated door mechanism that opens for you without you needing to use a remote. Security is increased because only your car is equipped with the remote and therefore only your car will trigger the door mechanism. So too is time saved because you do not need to beat around the bush trying to get a good signal with your remote when coming and going.

  1. Nest Cam Security System

The Nest Cam security system is available on Amazon and will do wonders for your peace of mind. The camera feed includes audio transmission capability and links to an app on your smartphone, so at any time you can monitor visual and audio feeds from outside your house for potential intruders. What’s more, the system can very easily distinguish between human and animal guests, so you won’t be woken up at 2 in the morning by local fauna searching for snacks in your garbage.

  1. Phillips Hue LED Lightbulbs

While there are a few options available to improving your lighting efficiency, Phillips is undeniably the master of the technology, having been operating for over half a century. With Phillips Hue LED Lightbulbs, you can use an app on your smartphone to control the hue and ambience of your home lighting. Simply flick a switch on the app and the lighting will adjust accordingly. There are a wide range of colours to choose from too, so you can ensure you’re equipped for any social event.

  1. Home Automation Systems

With Google Home or Amazon Echo, you can take advantage of artificial intelligence robots to control the various gadgets within your home. Everything is possible, from opening and closing the garage door to adjusting the lights and windows to playing music from your speakers. It’s easy to start slow with the technology (for example, connecting your smart home device to Bluetooth speakers), yet with time you will probably want to upgrade elsewhere on your property as you explore the devices’ functions and the potential of unlocking your home using voice commands.

Whether you want a simple upgrade or a total home renovation, smart technology offers accessibility and convenience as you utilise the various gadgets around your home. The smart home renovations listed above are all relatively affordable. A Google search will reveal distributors in your local area.

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