Medical Surgeries

Medical Fitouts in Sydney

If you want your medical facility to create an upmarket, calming and pleasant atmosphere for your staff and patients, Archcon Constructions will accomplish all that.

Our team pays close attention to every detail from conception up to the execution. In collaboration with our healthcare interior designers, together we can achieve a stunning facility which fits right in with your corporate image and intended usage requirements.

Design according to your unique requirements

The design of your medical surgery should be dictated by your location and the patients you will accommodate. If your facility is located in urban dense areas, it’s highly recommended to include a corporate tone in your interiors. If the patients you’ll mostly accommodate are kids or expectant mums, the entire atmosphere should be welcoming and warm. Also, privacy is always a priority so patients can feel safe and focus more on their recovery.

Medical surgeries should also be designed according to the needs of the doctors, surgeons, nurses, caregivers and the entire healthcare staff. Ergonomics and the intelligent use of space are important in raising productivity and focus levels in the facility.

That’s why here at Archcon Constructions we analyse the traffic flow and the interaction between patients and doctors. If the whole medical staff can work smoothly and efficiently, they’ll be able to focus more on the needs of their patients.

With those things in mind, our expert team of specialist designers will carefully craft a design that meets the needs of the patients, doctors and other healthcare personnel. Through the years we’ve completed several medical fitouts that meet the clients’ unique requirements.

It’s true that the design of physical environment can improve staff productivity and patient safety. Smooth traffic flow and excellent visibility may already improve patient outcomes. A neat and modern design will also positively affect the patients’ perceptions about the facility. Truly, the excellent design of the medical surgery may yield the highest return on investment.

Getting it right the first time

Future modifications and repairs are expensive especially when your medical facility’s needs are continuously evolving. Perhaps in the future you’ll need to add more capacity, furniture or equipment to better accommodate your patients.

For this reason, our specialist team also studies the evolving requirements of the doctor’s offices and clinics. We will future-proof your facility so there will be minimal renovations and modifications for years to come. The place is also guaranteed to stand the test of time because we only use the best-quality materials.

How Archcon Constructions will work on your project

To create the ideal physical environment for the patients, doctors, surgeons, nurses and caregivers, our specialist design team will first study your workflow and unique requirements. No two projects are exactly the same, which is why we always use a tailored approach in each assignment.

After we’ve discussed your vision and requirements, we’ll create 2D drawings and 3D plans for your approval before we can move forward with the construction and fitout. We’ll continuously improve the design and plan until they exactly match your requirements and vision.

Once the plan is approved, our team will source the best-quality materials to be used. Aside from the general details such as floors, walls and ceilings, we also pay close attention to the placement and installation of the water supply, electrical points, lighting and waste disposal. These are all important in the perfect functioning of the medical surgery.

Smart, modern and efficient medical surgeries

Archcon Constructions has been designing and building high-quality medical facilities for the greater Sydney region. With our vast experience and commitment to elegance, we’re always able to deliver outcomes that far exceed our clients’ expectations.

Phone us today at 02 8677 5787 for an initial consultation. Let’s discuss your unique requirements and how to achieve a smart, modern and efficient medical surgery for you and your entire safety-oriented and results-driven team.