Is It Time to Move to a Bigger Office?


In answering this question, we have to think about the present and future state of our business. Is it rapidly growing and do we really need additional personnel and a bigger office where they can work? Or, does our office seem crowded and it seems a bigger one can offer better comfort and productivity? 

Is it absolutely necessary?

When it comes to rapid growth and expansion of the business, traditionally often it becomes necessary to hire more personnel and therefore give them additional space to work. But in these modern times and being further accelerated by the pandemic, getting more space and even hiring more people are not absolutely necessary.  

Work from home arrangements are available and business owners can hire an agency or an outside team to take care of some of their operations. These happen especially when most of the tasks can be done remotely or the task is not a core operation of the business (e.g. customer service can be easily outsourced but strategy and planning should be handled by the in-house team). 

When moving to a bigger office is inevitable

In some cases though, moving into a bigger office can be a practical and strategic decision. For example, if your business is starting to attract Fortune 500 clients, you may want your office to better reflect your growing clientele and reputation. After all, an impressive office with an expansive space can instantly boost your credibility and the perception about your capabilities. 

Moving into a bigger office is also inevitable if most of your operations are sensitive and should be handled by a growing in-house team. For example, you might prefer the legal and financial documents and operations to be handled only inside the office. Also, if your operations require intensive collaborations (e.g. both creative and scientific fields), getting everyone on the same page and coming up with innovative ideas can become easier and spontaneous when everyone is staying in one location. The office and meeting room that can accommodate several people can do wonders in the growth and competitiveness of a business. 

We’ve talked about the advantages of moving to a bigger office. However, bigger space is not enough. The design, layout and the resulting fitout should align with the company’s operations and workflow. Also, the entire office should best reflect your brand and values. 

Here at Archcon, we carefully study each customer’s requirements when it comes to office fitouts. Whether it’s a new build, an extension or addition of a few meeting rooms and workspaces, our team can meet the requirements while ensuring that the space will best reflect the company’s brand and values. Contact us today if your current office requires an upgrade or you’re planning to move to a bigger office that requires fitout.