How to Save on Pharmacy Fitout 


Pharmacy fitouts can cost from $1,000 to $1,500 per square metre. This can even get higher depending on the condition of the space (especially if it’s an old building and the electrical and plumbing network has already deteriorated). Perhaps a lot of work still has to be done to transform the space into a useful one. 

Saving on pharmacy fitouts 

Although most pharmacies have limited spaces, the expenses can quickly add up because of the required exterior and interior work. Aside from the required electrical, plumbing and HVAC work, the site will also require installation of display shelves, cabinets and counters. Additional requirements about function, aesthetics and compliance can also further add to the cost. 

Pharmacy fitouts are actually a huge challenge because of those several requirements and constraints (especially about having a limited space for product display and customer comfort). It’s challenging to achieve a balance between profit and comfort where the goals are to maximise the display of products while still making it easy for customers and staff to move around. 

To achieve that healthy balance, it’s critical that the entire fitout goes through careful planning and deliberation. Aside from preventing rework (which further adds to the total fitout costs), this careful planning can also actually help you get the best value and outcome from the project. 

For instance, careful planning should include “simulating” the outcome and seeing how the products are displayed and how customers and staff move around. That’s because the plan may look good on paper or computer screen, but when tested on the real world, the overall outcome might even become a disaster (e.g. aisles and other spaces are too tight or that behind the counters the staff find it hard to move around and promptly cater to customers). 

With careful planning and simulation, you can actually help maximise productivity and even help customers gain a positive experience (which can make them buy more from you or support your business in the long term). It’s about being more people-centric where we anticipate and analyse how the space will be used every day. 

Here at Archcon, we always apply a people-centric approach in pharmacy and medical fitouts. It’s actually a practical way to save on fitouts both upfront and for years to come.