How to Maximise Space in Your Dental Office? 


It’s challenging to maximise the space with the constraints given to us. It’s especially the case now with the rising rent and very limited choices when it comes to which commercial spaces to use. 

To work around those constraints and maximise space in your dental office, here are some things you can do: 

  • Eliminate unnecessary cabinets, furniture and other objects) 
  • Declutter and remove small objects that obstruct patients’ vision) 
  • Make your walls brighter (brighter surfaces can make them appear larger) 
  • Analyse your workflow (and how the patients enter your clinic or office) 

These are general tips that can help you add some real and perceived space in your dental office. These can also help make the space feel less clinical and less cramped. This can contribute to your patients having a positive overall experience. 

When it comes to analysing your workflow, this will help you put similar or most frequently used things together, which in turn can make your movement faster and more efficient during each procedure. In addition, this can make your space usage more compact and more efficient because everything’s within reach. This might also help you minimise the number of tables, cabinets and other furniture you use in your clinic or office. 

Another way to maximise space is by consulting an experienced designer and contractor. You can benefit from their experience because they’ve already handled a wide variety of projects. They’ve already worked around several different constraints and they already know how to overcome different space constraints. Although they don’t specialise in dentistry, their knowledge and experience in architecture and construction will contribute in maximising the space for your practice and improving your everyday workflow. 

Here at Archcon, we carry out dental fitouts and ensure efficiency in design and workflow. We work closely with dentists so that we can come up with an optimal design and layout. This can result in high productivity and better patient outcomes because of the improved patient experience.