How to Maximise Space in Shop Fitouts


To maximise your shop’s space and ensure a great customer experience, one way is to keep a bright theme (this seems to expand the space). Another way is to put glass and mirrors (also makes it easy for the customers to initially try the merchandise). It’s also good to have wall-mounted racks so that you can display more goods while making use of the empty walls.

Maximising space in shop fitouts

It’s a huge challenge because you have to maximise the use of the space while ensuring that customers still have a great shopping experience. After all, customers took the time to visit the shop instead of just shopping online. As a result, you want the in-person shopping experience to be convenient and delightful. Customers today might just prefer that in-person experience from time to time over shopping through a website or an app.

To ensure a delightful in-person experience, one way is to identify and remove the bottlenecks. This analysis starts from what products you’re going to sell and about your expected sales. It’s important to anticipate and know how the customers will “flow” through the shop. Where will they tend to stay for a while before moving on to the next shelf or rack? What will be your highlights and best-selling goods?

In other words, it starts with your customers and making sure their experience is delightful and convenient. This requires a lot of planning and forecasting. Fitouts can be semi-permanent and preferably you want to get it perfect the first time. You can later expand your space and business but it’s still good to make the most of the existing space.

To accomplish that, it’s good to work with experienced professionals (designers, planners, architects). You’ll benefit from their experience because they’ve already completed dozens or even hundreds of projects through the years. They already know what works and how to tailor the design according to a business owner’s requirements and target customers.

Here at Archcon, customers benefit from our expertise in commercial fitouts. Through the years we’ve helped maximise spaces in shops and other businesses. As a result, we’ve helped them save on initial costs and actually invest more in their own brands. Contact us today to maximise your shop’s space and make the in-person shopping a delightful experience for your target customers.