How Much Does a Restaurant Fitout Cost? 


For your restaurant fitout, you’ll need at least $2,000 per square metre. The costs can get a lot higher depending on your requirements and target market (e.g. especially if the location and your target customers are in the high-income range). 

For your restaurant fitout, you have to consider the following: 

  • Design and layout 
  • Utilities and essential infrastructure 
  • Customer comfort 
  • Workflow 

Form follows function

First, let’s talk about design. In all design works, form always follows function. We start with a clear function or objective and then everything revolves around that. 

For example, your main objective could be building a restaurant that serves organic and nutritious meals. Every detail of your restaurant should revolve around nature and nutrition. From the colour and theme of your restaurant interiors down to the materials used in building it, almost everything should be consistent with your theme. 

Electrical, HVAC, plumbing, connectivity

Once the theme, layout and overall design are set, you now have to pay attention to the utilities to be installed. These utility lines should work around your design, layout, workflow and customer comfort (and not the other way around). The approach here is customer first (while also thinking about your staff’s workflow). Then, you place and manipulate the other details around your priorities and restaurant’s layout and flow. 

About the customer

Always imagine how your customers will eat and stay in your restaurant. Note about the visual experience and how their eyes navigate through the visual elements of your restaurant. Also note how they will feel as they eat and move around in your business premises. Will they feel comfortable? Will they instantly feel that they’ve come to the right place? 


This is about productivity. Your staff should be able to move around easily. With this ease and smooth workflow, they can better attend to your customers. This can also help minimise mistakes and ensure customers that the business is well run. Note that how your team works can also affect your customers’ perception about your business. 

It’s all about the customers and their experience. Both the food and your restaurant’s overall appeal can enhance their experience and keep them coming back for more.