How Much Does a Pharmacy Fitout Cost? 


Rough estimates are around $1,000 to $1,500 per square metre. This depends on the project’s complexity and the client’s requirements. For basic fitous, around $1,000 per square meter budget could be enough to complete the project and make the interior space suitable for a pharmacy or chemist. 

Pharmacy fitout project management and planning

A fitout is usually required because the interior space is bare and basic (done by the developer). It’s now up to the tenants to modify the space and add features to make it suitable to their purpose. 

Because the interior space is still bare and basic, a lot of work still needs to be done to make the area look like a pharmacy. Aside from the display shelves, cabinets and counters, there are other things and systems that should be installed such as electrical, plumbing, HVAC and phone and data cabling. Additional modifications to the interior space and layout might also be required depending on the pharmacy’s plan and requirements. 

As a result, chemist fitout projects require coordination with several tradesmen. Also, the projects require careful planning to maximise the use of the space. This way, more products can be displayed and customers will still have enough space to browse and feel comfortable while inside the pharmacy. With a maximised space and function, employees and staff will also feel comfortable during store hours (which can in turn help them stay productive). 

Fitouts start with an initial consultation so that the contractor and tenant can talk about the requirements and for the contractor to do an assessment of the space. After the consultation, a design proposal will be made and a cost analysis will be conducted. This is to let the tenant know the details behind all the costs and necessary changes and installations to be made. 

Before the actual fitout begins, compliance with regulations will also be verified. Pharmacies or chemists have specific regulations to follow for the protection and comfort of the customers and staff. These could be regulations about electrical and fire safety and other relevant details. Once compliance is verified, the fitout starts along with the necessary plumbing, electrical, phone, data and HVAC installations. 

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