How Long Does an Office Renovation Take?


Office renovations and refurbishments may require one to three months to complete. It depends on the size and the amount of detail involved in build (e.g. if several customisations are required). Selection of materials and site conditions/constraints have a significant factor to the overall cost of the project

Why is office renovation required?

Your reason might be related to streamlining your operations, increasing energy efficiency, accommodating new equipment, or expanding your workplace.

When it comes to expanding your workplace, your business might have experienced rapid growth recently. Or, you might be moving into a bigger office because your previous one does not meet your requirements anymore. In this case, you will indeed require a bigger space or that the space you’re about to move into should meet your current requirements and accommodate your team.

You might also require a bigger or modified space if you’re accommodating new equipment and furniture. New workstations might have to be installed and the office space should accommodate them without the need for cramping or crowding. Some modifications might be required here to accomplish that.

For increasing energy efficiency, perhaps the old workspace or building layout doesn’t allow for uniform air conditioning. There might be some areas that are unusually hot or humid even if the thermostat is set at extreme values. Here, perhaps it’s not the HVAC that requires changing but the office or building layout itself, with clever re-design and planning, workers/clients comfort can be achived.

Streamlining the operations is also a common reason for office renovation. Perhaps an open office plan makes sense to improve collaboration. Or, it might make more sense if the workplace allows for “alone time” where privacy and a bit of isolation is useful (especially in creative tasks such as writing, programming and graphic design).

Whichever is the reason, the renovation work will cause work interruptions (one to three months). Before and during the project, you might consider renting a temporary workspace (a co-working space is also an option) or you can arrange for a work-from-home setup for your team. Once the project is complete, you and your team will benefit from the better-looking and more functional office that best suits your present requirements.

If you require an office renovation or fitout service, you can contact us here at Archcon. We can come up with a cost- and time-saving solution for you and your business.