How Can I Make My Work at Home More Ergonomic


COVID-19 and the resulting restrictions have made work from home become more mainstream (and in many businesses it became compulsory). Once the restrictions are completely lifted, expect many of us to stay in this setup. In addition, we want to stay productive at home whether it’s for our job, business or a creative project.

Home and ergonomics

However, working at home can also affect our mental and physical health just like what happens in corporate offices and traditional workplaces. As a result, it’s important that we should also think about our safety and efficiency in our home office.

Most likely you’ve already read or heard about having a standing desk (or standing and walking every hour instead of just sitting for hours), getting into an ideal seating position (e.g. your neck, hands, wrists and back should always be comfortable) and maintaining a healthy visual field and view (e.g. eyes should be slightly looking down if you’re staring at the computer screen).

In addition to those useful measures, we also have to pay attention to the overall layout and design of our home office. For example, is there enough natural light coming in and is the area well-ventilated? Is there enough space for you to stand, stretch and walk around if you’re already tired of sitting or you’re thinking and planning about something? Will that kind of environment help you better focus (fewer distractions, less noise, some level of isolation)?

To help ensure an optimal productive or creative environment, it may or may not require a renovation. Perhaps a rearrangement of the desk, computer and other objects and furniture might already do the trick. For example, you can reorient your table towards the outside view if you prefer seeing the natural light all of the time (or have it in your back for fewer distractions). You can also remove some of the objects there so that you can create more space and help you gain some mental clarity.

With that mental clarity and an optimal environment, you can get more done and you’ll accomplish your tasks in less time. Then, you can take a rest or sleep much earlier which is much better for your health than staying inside your home office the entire night or day.