Five Renovation Ideas To Make Your Home More Stylish


Coming up with renovation ideas can be tough. If you have recently been considering upgrading your home with a renovation you are probably facing an overload of projects and suggestions that make choosing the finished product difficult. To help homeowners spruce up things at home and increase the value of their house we have put together a few home renovation ideas contained below.

An Arched Entrance

Arches in brick walls are a self supporting structural opening that add an element of rustic sophistication to your house. It is certainly nice to contemplate a brick archway without the need for a supporting steel lintel. It gives a sense of entering a private world when entering the house.

Bringing Brick Inside

Bricks can be used to form a fundamental feature inside the house. A feature wall made of brick adds a rustic touch to any interior. Kitchens can be complemented with a splash of yellow or red only available when a brick feature wall is employed. Similarly, any bars or counters can be seriously enhanced with the addition of a brick veneer.

Extending Space

Extending the space in your home can be achieved by creating a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor areas. By using large sliding doors or curtains to separate these two spaces, you open up potential to create an entertaining space characterised by indoor comfort and outdoor features. A raw palette of building materials, such as concrete, painted brick and timber, makes for a no fuss extension that encourages friends and family to gather in the open space and enjoy their evening.

Squaring Up

You can use square tiles to create a delicious tessellating pattern in the bathroom that looks great. Pastel tones can be used to complement the aesthetic of your bathroom and to create contrast between flooring, walls and cabinetry. Symmetry will flow in abundance when you employ tiles as a decorative feature of your bathroom. It also makes it easy to clean as any dirt becomes very visible between the tiles.

A Fireplace

As we approach the cooler months in Australia, a fireplace can be a great extension to your living room. A steel grill complemented in style by a wooden mantel can add character and charm to your home and will create opportunities for some wonderful Winter nights sitting by the fire. A functioning fireplace can be expensive to install, but will contribute significant value to your home as well as providing a centrepiece to your living area.

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