Facets Of Appeal When Designing Bathroom Renovations


When designing a new bathroom renovation, there are several elements of value you should consider before the process starts. A bathroom renovation is a significant investment and can last a lifetime if done correctly. Knowing what elements of a bathroom add the most value to the finished product can significantly enhance the work and make the result attractive to all who use it. Regardless of whether you’re renovating a small bathroom or a large, luxury bathroom, there are several facets to consider before you employ someone to do the work.

There are both style and function elements to consider when planning your bathroom renovation. When given proper due diligence, these elements work in harmony to produce a stunning aesthetic and ergonomic environment for showering, washing and using the lavatory. We have provided our readers with the following guide to make their journey of perusing new bathroom renovation ideas smooth and seamless. Our remodelling ideas are inspired by over ten years’ of great jobs in the interior design and complete bathroom renovation space.


Most people spend most of their time in the bathroom in front of the mirror above the vanity. The bathroom vanity employs unisex functions and is generally used equally by all occupants of the bathroom. While a high quality vanity can take up significant space, a well placed vanity can open up the bathroom and make it appear larger. Sculptural design can also be integrated with a bathroom vanity. Graceful vectors and smooth textures can easily complement bathroom tiles and lighting. The mirror attached to the vanity too is incredibly important. A bathroom mirror has a big role to play in the balance created within the room during a bathroom makeover.

Bathroom Flooring

The flooring of your bathroom can add seriously powerful ergonomic function to the room too. By installing heated flooring you can improve the demeanour of house occupants very easily. Heated floors first thing in the morning are incredibly pleasant to touch. They can add a glow to your day and start your routine with a positive feeling. On the same note, the tiles you choose for your bathroom floor can complement or detract from the overall aesthetic of your bathroom. Ideally, you would use the same tone across all the tiles and benchtops located in your bathroom during your bathroom remodel.

Bathroom walls too require some consideration before they are installed. White bathroom walls tend to be the most appealing to the majority of home owners. They add light and space to a bathroom that may feel congested if anything other than white walls are used. Black and white tiles, however, can be used to create contrast, depth and volume to your bathroom. Whether it’s your master bathroom or a smaller powder room, choosing the right subway tile for your walls is crucial.

Bathroom Hardware

Finally, the hardware in your shower room should be considered completely before a custom bathroom renovation commences. Sink taps, faucets and showerheads need to be considered carefully both in terms of their function and their aesthetic qualities. Try to tie in the overall visual appeal of the bathroom by selecting taps and faucets that match your mirrors. With light catching augmentations to the bathroom, the whole room will be tied together and display a unified picture of wholesomeness.

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