Do Pergolas Raise Home Value?


Yes, because a pergola adds more beauty to your property and makes the supposedly idle space a functional area. Also, more and more homeowners and families now prefer having an outdoor space for special gatherings or even just during ordinary days.

Do pergolas raise home value?

It’s almost impossible to calculate exactly how much a pergola adds to a property’s value. We can only get a rough idea by comparing the costs and benefits of having one. For example, a pergola might cost you at least $5,000 (just a rough estimate because it depends on the size of the area and your preferred materials). The costs of flooring, paving and roofing (as well as the construction costs) can make the total double or even triple.

What about the benefits? Immediately it can make a home more attractive because of the added feature. Also, the idle space will be used for small gatherings and everyday activities (such as reading a book or just sitting and getting some fresh air). A pergola can also drastically transform your entire property (try comparing the before and after if you’re firmly decided about having a pergola). As for the added financial value, it’s hard to say because of the several variables being considered by buyers and real estate professionals.

What about permits, do you need a permit from the Council? Your family, friends or just acquaintances might have said that you don’t need a permit. But what if they’re wrong? The fine and consequences could be huge (such as the need to tear down the newly built structure). It’s vital to consult an architect and other professionals about it first before you finalise a plan. Although it sounds like additional work (and more expenses), the secured permit will actually help you ensure that the structure will be built according to the latest standards.

When it comes to pergola constructions as well as other home renovations and additions, you can enquire here at Archcon. We ensure that each project is completed according to the latest legislations and standards. Rest assured that the resulting pergola in your property will be built with the proper permits and process.