Commercial Warehouse Design and Construction


Commercial Warehouse Design and Construction

Archcon is fully equipped to complete any warehouse construction projects needed by Sydney businesses. We have great supply connections with a range of different material distributors which gives you plenty of choice when working with us to build a warehouse.

Warehouse design is a complex process. We use by the book methods and rely on our tenure in commercial and industrial construction to navigate the pitfalls and road bumps of successful warehouse construction. We follow all safety protocols and are licensed and insured to complete any warehouse project.

A warehouse is very useful in many scenarios. Storage, manufacturing, and maintenance are some of the facets of business that require a warehouse, or machinery shed. If your business has grown too big for its boots, we’ll do our best to upgrade your facilities to what you need to scale and innovate. Once you have the real estate ready, we’ll do the rest in building your dream warehouse, shed or garage.

We use the highest quality BlueScope steel in design and build of commercial or industrial buildings. Other materials are available too. Contact us for more information about our product availability. We’ll assuredly be willing to consult with you about your project.

Cost to Build a Warehouse

Large shed prices vary depending on your needs. We will offer different quotes on shed construction depending on the size of the shed and the materials used. Please do get in touch as soon as possible if a quote is something that interests you. We’ll gladly call out to your site at no cost to discuss your project requirements and work out what resources are needed to build your commercial or industrial shed.

We can assemble flatpack sheds bought elsewhere or supply the materials ourselves. We pride ourselves on being able to remain flexible in our warehouse building service. To give you a rough estimate of what’s possible, commercial shed prices can range anywhere from $1,000 to $30,000, depending on the project specifications.

We can design open-facing sheds or sheds with roller doors. Other types of products are available for you to peruse following a call to Archcon. The construction process will take an intermediate length of time to complete, especially if you have an existing facility that requires removal. It’s best to begin the design process as soon as possible to ensure your shed or garage is up as soon as you’re ready.

Experts in Industrial Warehouse Construction

We have been designing commercial sheds in our tenure as building contractors for over a decade now. Trust in our customer service, years of experience and high quality materials when you need a job done. We guarantee your shed will be built to last and will serve its purpose faithfully throughout its life cycle. We are fully insured and accredited which demonstrates we’re prepared for whatever job needs to be done.

If building a commercial warehouse for storage, manufacturing, maintenance or something else is of interest to you, contact Archcon today for a no-obligation discussion about your needs and to request a quote. We operate all across Sydney, Newcastle, Wollongong and the Blue Mountains, so we’re ready for your project no matter where you are in these areas. Don’t delay, contact us today by calling our number – 02 8677 5787