Are Modular Buildings Good and Practical?


Modular buildings are constructed and assembled from readily-made components. It’s like we receive the parts and we just assemble them on site to build what we want. This saves us time in completing the project and hence lowers the labour costs as well.

Are modular buildings good and practical?

Because of the speed and savings, the modular approach is already being applied in constructing dwellings, educational and commercial buildings, site accommodations and even manufacturing facilities. These projects get completed fast and as a result, they get utilised early (which immediately brings back the ROI for developers and investors).

Because of the speed of installation, there’s also less risk for disruption and work injuries. Fewer things can go wrong during the installation which further drives the speed of completion. This makes it ideal for creating facilities for emergency or immediate use (e.g. creating a healthcare isolation facility or temporary housing for workers during a crucial project).

Disadvantages of modular buildings

However, aesthetic and flexibility are issues in this kind of structure. It’s like the structure was put together poorly and that it has no architectural value. After all, it looks like several panels were just assembled together to complete the building.

It’s still practical and cost-effective (and as mentioned earlier, it’s ideal for building facilities for emergency and immediate use). When it comes to function, speed and costs, modular buildings excel. But when it comes to aesthetic design and appeal, it’s still hard to match the carefully designed structures that went through several consultations and assessments.

The options are limitless in architectural design. In addition, the design is tailored according to the clients’ requirements, the end use and the immediate environment. It’s like the building is perfectly constructed and suited for the site and end use.

Here at Archcon we see each project as unique. Each site and project has a unique set of strengths, opportunities and requirements. We take the time to study the site and listen to our clients’ vision and ideas. This way, the design and resulting structure will truly be practical and aesthetically superior as well. Contact us today for your commercial construction and refurbishment project.