Meet Our Team

Shad Megalli – Managing Director, Head Project Manager

Shad has over 10 yrs experience as a Project Manager in the construction industry with a strong background in design. His Qualifications include Advance Diploma in Architectural Technology (Sydney Institute of Technology), Bachelors in Construction Project Management (UTS), and a Masters in Property Development (UTS).

Shad oversees all aspects of the company from Site Management, to the day to day operation of the company administration. Known for his accuracy and efficiency, his work ethic ensures his sites are run like a well oiled machine.


Sam Megalli – Project Manager, Estimator

Bringing with him over 15 yrs of extensive experience in Project Management and maintenance from an impressive portfolio of projects that he led in the past as Managing Director. Some of his key strengths and special attributes include but are not limited to; budgeting, business management, networking and effective implementation. He holds a Bachelor in Construction Project Management (UWS).


Tony  Trinh – Head of Design

Tony joined our team over 5 yrs ago, and has contributed great value through his innovation and creative design. He holds a Bachelor of Architecture (UTS).


Christine Megalli – Office Manager, Public Relations

Using her experience in management of operations, Christine is a great contributor to our team with her ability to maintain day-to-day operations, keeping track of progress on all simultaneous projects, legal adherence, financial control and business operations. Qualifications include Bachelor of Science and Education.